The Nordic snath

Learning how to mow with a scythe that is adjusted to you and properly sharp is for many of us close to a religious experience. Walking across the meadow with a scythe that is designed for optimal ergonomics and efficiency is, if possible, even more unbeatable. My name is Jan Wester and I am so proud to finally be able to offer my own snath for sale. It is an exclusive snath with a unique design that you will not find anywhere else. If you want the best there is, this is an easy choice. You want the Nordic.

Efficient and ergonomic design

The Nordic snath has been developed and optimized over many years by professional scythe mowers to be as comfortable to use as possible, even during many hours of work. Being able relax while you work with straight wrists in every possible angle of the mowing is crucial. The snath needs to withstand the power of stroke after stroke. It must also work for different people with varying heights and physiques, and be safe to use in the different situations that may arise. In order to make maximum use of your body in the mowing, and also be kind to it, it is important that the left hand does not end up too high and/or the right hand too low. We have of course catered for this through the unique steaming and bending of the snath!


  • Thanks to the steaming, the shaft of the snath follows the grain of the wood and thus becomes many times stronger.
  • The plates, also my own design, provide strong and proven attachment of the blade to the snath and its two holes provide more flexibility in setting the cutting angle.
  • Linseed oiled to ensure the snath ages with a beautifully golden patina.


  • The Nordic snath has been optimized to be as lightweight as possible and both the shaft and the handle are adapted to the height of the user.
  • The bend of the snath makes the lower handle come up so high that you don't need to lower your shoulder to reach it, which saves many strained backs and shoulder blades. It also ensures that the left hand doesn't end up too high, so you can swing with full force!
  • The wing resting on the left forearm gives the wrists enormous relief.
  • The handles are tested and designed from thousands of hours of practical scythe mowing and are very smooth and comfortable to hold.
  • The handles are available in 6 different sizes. If you think the handle is too small or too rough for your hands, you can exchange it.
  • The Nordic snath is available in a total of 16 different lengths. You should never have to compromise because of your height!
  • For your children, you only buy a first snath, and then we help you exchange it for longer ones as they grow.


  • The handles are adjustable both along the snath with three holes and rotating.
  • The design of the handles allows a sliding grip, meaning that the lower hand slips off upon sudden collision with stumps and the like.
  • Thanks to the wing resting on the forearm, you have full control over the tip of the blade with your left arm without straining your wrist. The right hand can then be solely used to push the scythe forward and downward in the stroke.
  • As the wing is pointed, the snath can be properly set into the ground when honing without slipping. It also works as an extra grip to switch to, which comes in handy.
  • The handles are carefully designed down to the smallest detail to ensure the well-being of your hands. You can always use your hands dynamically, you don't have to grip too tightly in the stroke and can completely relax on the backswing. These handles are beautiful in their organic forms - but the beauty is the result of thousands of hours of analysis in practical mowing.


Our Nordic snath is made of ash wood, which comes primarily from Skåne in Southern Sweden, near our workshop, and secondarily from Europe. Ash is a very durable and torsionally rigid material, which only becomes more beautiful with age and use.

Made in Sweden

The Nordic snath is produced in a small workshop in Skåne, pictured below. The shafts are sawn straight out of planks and steamed in a specially designed position to get their unique curved shape. This contributes to increased wear resistance and makes the lower handle to come up closer to the hand, without an extra shaft. Then the snath is sanded, oiled and prepared for the attachment of the handles and the blade.

Every step is carried out with great accuracy and precision. As there are many things that can mean that the snath does not live up to our high quality requirements, the production takes time and that is how it has to be. The Nordic snath is worth waiting for.

We are proud to collaborate with Swedish small businesses and skilled craftsmen, in carpentry and metal work and sawmills. The fact that they are all close to each other also reduces unnecessary transport and our overall climate footprint.

International orders

Shipping to most European countries is about 40 Euro and 100 Euro outside EU. Just put what you want to buy in the shoppingchart and go to checkout. If your country does not appear in the list please contact us! 

The Nordic snath as well as our optimized peening jigs are exclusive to Slåttergubben and are not available anywhere else.


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